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    * National Highway *
    * From National Highway No. 1, exit Lujhu Interchange and drive along Tai 28 Expressway towards the west. Move to Tai 17 Expressway and look for the turn into Singda Port's Lover's Wharf (Cieding Township) near Tungfang Design University (Hunei Township).
    * From Kaohsiung and Pingtung direction, Cieding is by the side of Tai 17 Expressway.
    * From Tainan, there are two ways to enter Cieding Township from the Wanli area of Tainan City. 1. Drive along the coastal line; you will go directly into the coastal road of Wanfu Village (Cieding Township) after passing the Erren Creek Bridge; 2. Drive along Tai 17 A Expressway and pass the Nanding Bridge over Erren Creek; you will enter the Fude Village of Cieding Township.
    * Public Transportation *
    * Take the train and alight at Lujhu or Dahu Railway Station and transfer to a Kaohsiung Bus Line.
    * From Kaohsiung, take the Kaohsiung Bus Lines Route No.1; from Tainan, take Kaohsiung Bus Line South.