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Origin of the Name

  • Ding does not exist in the Grand Kangxi Dictionary; it was a new word formed through time. There are at least three versions regarding the origin of the name.

    1. Origin from China: According to the "Shue Family Genealogy", the earliest settler of the Shuei family from Shanchong Village, Changtai County moved to today's Cieding area.

    2. Pingpu Origin :This area was originally inhabited by the Pingpu aborigines, and the name "Cieding" came from the aboriginal language pronounced "Catia"

    3. Origin from the name of a Plant :According to the History of Taiwan written by Yu Heng-Zhi: "Cieding, a native plant of the waterfront, can be used as firewood. The skin appears in a reddish color, which can be extracted for fabric dye. A village in Anping is called Cieding Village."