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    Official Stamp, Document Processing, Filing, General Affairs, Legal System, National Compensation, Press Release, Public Relation, Development and Investigation, Town People Service, various project assignment, purchasing and other affairs that do not belong to any of the following divisions.

    Personnel Office              

    Deals with Human Resource Management Affairs

    Civil Service Ethics Office              

    Deals with Political Affairs

    Accounting  Office              

    Deals with Annual Accounting and Statistics Affairs

    Civil Affairs section              

    Self-Governing Administrative Affairs, Mediating Affairs, Religious Related Affairs, Customary Affairs, Real Estate Affairs, Military Service Affairs, Civil Defense and Public Assets, Public Cemetery Administrative Affairs, Citizen Education, Community Educational, Artistic, and Sports Activities, Village/District Promotional Affairs, and others.

    Agricultural Section              

    Agricultural, Forestry, Fishing and Livestock Farming Production and Management, Greenifying and Beautifying Projects and Ecosystem Preservation, Plants Conservation, Livestock Hygiene, Agricultural Promotion, Resource Promotion, Dry Paddy Field Application and Adjustment Planning, Farmland Application Planning, Agricultural Transportation, Agricultural Investigation, Agricultural Disasters, Agricultural Farmlands Usage Certification Issuance, and others.

    Social Welfare Section              

    Community Welfare, Community Development, Community Groups Activity Subsidy, National Healthcare Insurance, Community Sports and Memorial Day, Elderly Leisure Activities, Medium/Younger Aged Elderly, Community Aids, Children and Youngster Assistance, Welfare for Physically and Mentally Disabled, Women's Rights, National Pension, and others.

    Economic Development Section              

    Metropolis Planning and Architecture Management, Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Public Infrastructure, Environmental Conservation, Parks Development, Water Drainage Facilities, Business and Market Management, and others.