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    Section Affairs Vision Chief of the Section
    Secretary Office Assist the Township Mayor in township administration  

    Chief Secrectary : Zeng Hsiung Shan
    Secrectary: Jheng, Sian-Da

    Administrative Department Handle affairs in the following categories: documents, files, news, general affairs, official seals, the legal system and state compensation, research, development, and evaluation, information, convenient services, contracts and procurements, and other affairs not delegated to other offices.

    Reinforce legal education and enhance information technology skills.
    Enhance professional skills


    Civil Affairs Division Handle affairs in the following categories: self-governing, mediation, land administration, military service administration, community development, customs and religion, cemetery administration, public properties, education and culture, life improvement for the aboriginal residents, and co-organized civil defense related matters.

    Enhance the quality of public service
    Strengthen professional skills


    Finance Division In charge of finance, public property, treasury, and tax collection related affairs.

    Build a healthy financial system and support infrastructure development.
    Develop Jiading into a wealthy Township.


    Constructional Division Handle affairs in the following categories: civil engineering, urban planning, infrastructure, water, sewage engineering, transport, tourism, water, small water treatment.
    Construction management, illegal structure inspection and reporting, and small drainage facilities.

    Build a quality living environment
    Promote sustainable development for the industries and economy.


    Social Affairs Section Handle affairs in the following category: welfare of low-income families, physically and mentally challenged residents, elderly, women, children, and youth, national health insurance, emergency aid, social education, employment, management of cultural and recreational centers for the elderly and other social affairs administration.

    Service , Harmony, Well-being


    Fisheries Section Handle affairs in the following category: agricultural, forestry, fishery, and livestock production, agriculture and fisheries promotion, food, marketing and survey of agricultural and fishery products, vendors management, utilities, fair trade, consumer protection, and assistance to administration of industries and commerce.  


    Accounting and Statistics offcie In charge of budgeting, accounting and statistics. Act incapacity of professional staff


    Civil Service Ethic Office In charge of public service personnel ethics related issues Build a clean, efficient, and convenient township administration.


    Personnel Office Handle affairs relating to personnel management. Build a clean, efficient, and convenient township administration.  
    Library In charge of the township's literature, relics, rare book preservation, book collection archiving, book lending management, and periodic culture and art promotion activities. Preserve heritage and cultural assets, expand cultural horizons, and create a cultural township.


    Public Market Management Office

    Management of public security, public order, and sanitation of the markets and collect rental fees.

    Create a modern public market and maximize the rental to increase revenue income for the township.


    Cleaning Unit Handle affairs in the following categories: garbage removal, transport and handling, roads cleaning and drainage dredging, inspection, repair, and maintenance of cleaning vehicles, removal and reporting of illegal advertising, capture of stray dogs. Clean home; quality township


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