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Origin of the Name

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    Ding (萣) does not exist in the Grand Kangxi Dictionary; it was a new word formed through time.
    There are at least three versions regarding the origin of the name.

    According to the "Shue Family Genealogy", the earliest settler of the Shuei family from Shanchong Village, Changtai County, Fujian Province was Shue Yu-Jin. He migrated to the Anping area of Taiwan in the first year of the Kangxi Period and died in the fourth year. In the following year, Shue Yu-Jin's widow, accompanied by her two children, moved to today's Cieding  area, leading a life of fishing farming. The family named the place "Jiacheng" after the family's estate in the Mainland in commemoration to the ancestry. Up until today, the estate of the pioneers, Jiacheng Field, is still preserved and has expanded into two parts- the upper Jiacheng and lower Jiacheng.

    * Pingpu Origin *
      This area was originally inhabited by the Pingpu aborigines, and the name "Cieding " came from the aboriginal language pronounced "Catia".
    * Origin from the name of a Plant *

    Jiadong Vines  According to the History of Taiwan written by Yu Heng-Zhi: "Cieding , a native plant of the waterfront,  can be used as firewood. The skin appears in a reddish color, which can be extracted for fabric dye. A village in Anping is called Cieding  Village." Cieding  tree, know as the Jiadong vines or Ocean Jiadong, is a type of mangrove. Mangrove is a plant of angiosperms, often found in tropical or subtropical regions with calm waters, especially the sediment deposit are at the merging areas of salt water and fresh water.

      Mangroves are a common plant in the northern and western coasts of Taiwan, in the lagoons near the river mouth. There are several species of mangroves in Taiwan, including Kandelia (Kandelia candel Druce), Haijiadong (Avicennia marina Vierh), Red Jiadong (Rhizophora mucronata), Wujiaoli (Rhizophora mucronata), Ceriops (Ceriops tagalPerr cb Robins), and Lanli (Lumnizera racemosa). Mangroves in Cieding  coasts are mostly Haijiadong.

      Jiadong vines, also known as Haijiadong (Avicennia marina (Forsk) Vierh), is an angiosperm Verbenaceae. It is an evergreen arbor with oval-shaped oppo and leathery leaves, grown to four to six centimeters long. The spherical capsule, fallen from the mother tree, drift and waves and sprout autonomously, waiting to be washed ashore. When the capsules found their way to the soil along the coast, they quickly spread their roots and grow into new plants.